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Chetana Book Centre

A Book Lover??s Delight. Carefully selected books for grownups and for growing minds on Philosophy, Religion, Arts, Culture, and Indian Thought as well as books on Health, Well-being and Alternative Medicine.

Chetana Craft Centre

Experience the beauty and texture of Indian Handlooms. Elegantly styled Salwar Kameezes in handwoven fabrics, Ghagra-Cholies, Kurtas for Ladies and Gents, Tops, seasonal fashions and attire, and much more.
Chetana Publishing

Totally committed to propagate Indian Philosophy, Indian Thought & Spirituality. Works of J. Krishnamurti, Nisargadatta Maharaj, Ramesh Balsekar and other eminent writers are published under this banner.
Chetana Veg. Restaurant

A famous place for superb Gujarati & Rajasthani Thali (a sit-down meal) and Multi-cuisine buffet. The restaurant is situated amidst finest heritage buildings in the art district of Mumbai and strongly supports vegetarianism.
History: Chetana Pvt. Ltd.

A Lifestyle Affair Since 1946.


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